The Fourth Joyful Mystery

by Fr. Francis Martin

The Spirit told them
to come to the Temple.

The young couple
with their first born.
The old man
sure of Israel’s consolation.
The widow
weighed with years, and wisdom.

This is the meeting,
the Lord comes to his temple
with healing in his wings.

The young ones
redeem the Redeemer
and purify the pure one
with the turtle doves of the poor,
according to the Law of the Lord.

The old man’s dim eyes are opened
and he sees the Promise
made to Abraham, to David,
and their sons forever.

Now, O Lord dismiss your servant
my life is full complete.

My arms enfold
the Light of the nations
and the Glory of Israel.

You, young mother,
have many more to bear.

Your heart,
like Israel,
will be marked by the sword.
The Seraphim’s dart
will put on your body
for no eye to see
the sacred wounds of your Son.

What pain and bliss
to be conformed to his death
and know the resurrection!

The old woman’s spirit
conceives by her prayer
and life is hers to share
with all who can hear.

And as the Spirit overshadows the Temple,
in the Abyss of Light and Silence
the Father receives his Son.


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