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  • The Life Changer

Are you satisfied that your life is what it could be? Unlock the mystery of living a fulfilling and meaningful life, filled with new joy each day. Let the Spirit of God guide you on a journey that will stretch your mind, test your limits, increase your rewards both in this life and in the next!

Thousands of copies of this very helpful book have been sold. In these pages, you will find practical teaching on how to live your life to the full in and with the Holy Spirit. People from diverse backgrounds, spiritual directors, psychologists, and confessors, regularly recommend The Life Changer to the people they serve.

Author: Fr. Francis Martin

Table of Contents

  • A Friend in Heaven
  • Faith Comes Gift-Wrapped
  • A Brand New Life in the Holy Spirit
  • Our Battle Against the Flesh
  • Changing Your Mind
  • Step by Step with the Holy Spirit
  • The Greatest Comforter in the World
  • God Rescues Us from Evil
  • Empowered by the Holy Spirit

“I heartily support the reprinting of this fine book on Christian spirituality by Fr. Francis Martin. It has long been a favorite among Catholics and others, and it has helped many in learning to live by the Spirit.” Fr. Michael Scanlon, T.O.R. Chancellor, Franciscan University of Steubenville

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The Life Changer

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