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  • Sacred Scripture — The Disclosure of the Word

This book is a collection of twelve essays previously published in professional journals and brought together here for the convenience of the reader. They cover a large range of topics from exegesis of particular passages, to analysis of biblical themes, to reflection on the nature of Scripture and the type of knowledge it imparts.

Author: Fr. Francis Martin

Table of Contents

  • Sacra Doctrina and the Authority of its Sacra Scriptura
  • Literary Theory, Philosophy of History and Exegesis
  • Historical Criticism and the New Testament Teaching on the Imitation of Christ
  • Monastic Community and the Summary Statements in Acts
  • Reading the Story of the Centurion’s Boy “In the Spirit in Which It Was Written”
  • Israel as the Spouse of YHWH
  • The Integrity of Christian Moral Activity:  The First Letter of John and Veritatis Splendor
  • The Holiness of the Church: Communio Sanctorum and the Splendor of Truth
  • The Paradox of the Beatitudes: Between Eschatology and History
  • The New Feminism: Biblical Foundations and Some Lines of Development
  • Some Aspects of Biblical Studies Since Vatican II: The Contribution and Challenge of Dei Verbum
  • The Spiritual Sense (Sensus Spiritualis) of Sacred Scripture: Its Essential Insight
  • Index

“All of these essays will richly repay the careful study and effort it takes to learn from such an acknowledged master Catholic biblical scholar.” – William S. Kurz, S.J., Professor of New Testament, Marquette University

“The Bible will not be restored to its rightful place within the Catholic tradition without the type of synthesis that this book strives for.” – Gary Anderson, Associate Professor of Theology, University of Notre Dame

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Sacred Scripture — The Disclosure of the Word

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