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  • The Feminist Question

Who is woman; why is woman; equality, complimentarity...? First published in 1994, this book treats of feminist theology in the light of the Christian Tradition. It is a theological work insisting that theological discussion must not be merely about revelation but must proceed from revelation. This work has been greeted by a great number of theologians and Bishops as still one of the best assessments of feminism, one that is sympathetic to its aspirations and able to point to the basic presuppositions that have misdirected its energy.

Author: Fr. Francis Martin

Table of Contents

  • Theology and the Light of Faith
  • The Isolation of Theology
  • Christian Origins and the Roles of Women
  • The Move toward Crystallization
  • An Historical Overview of Feminism and Feminist Theology
  • Do We Need Foundations?
  • Foundational Hermeneutics
  • Analogy, Images, Metaphors, and Theology
  • The God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Human Rights and Ecclesial Communion
  • The Body Person in the New Testament and Early Christian Thought
  • The Body Person in More Recent Thought

“The most comprehensive evaluation of Christian feminism so far published... Indispensable for those who want to be au courant on perhaps the most vital debate in contemporary Christianity.” – George Lindbeck, Former Pitkin Professor of Historical Theology, Yale University

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The Feminist Question

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